The 2000s


Gaining Ground: Women, Mining, and the Environment gathering held at Lake Laberge. Women from Yukon communities affected by mining and women with experience in grassroots organizing, health, science and social sciences all gathered to discuss women’s rights to have a healthy land for their children and communities. The women in the gathering discussed the impacts of mining on the communities, the connections between women, the environment and mining, and set revolutionary guidelines and directions for positive social change


YSWC publishes Women, Mining and the Environment

The report touched on the topics covered in the Gaining Ground: Women Mining and the Environment, and discussed the issues and impacts of mining that women identified during the gathering.


Court Watch Yukon Launches

Court Watch Yukon launches. The program provides oversight to the gender inequality in court while improving support, services and legal knowledge available to victims. The volunteers observe court proceedings and focus on inaccessible and mutualizing language, the court atmosphere, respect and dignity shown to victims, the process of therapeutic courts in the Yukon, and dual charging.

January 2003

Northern Women’s Issues Through a Rural Lens Project

This project explored the issues and needs of rural Yukon women and brought forward recommendations to help address these issues. The coordinator of YSWC, Charlotte Hrenchuk, travelled to each participating community in 12 out of the 14 rural Yukon communities to co-facilitate and coordinate focus groups with local community partners. The focus groups gained qualitative data and discussed issues such as women’s safety in the community, addictions, access to services and other gender related issues.

March 2004

Strong women's voices, rural choices: report on the Northern Women's Issues Through a Rural Lens Project  study published

The study explores the issues and needs expressed by Yukon women. It includes recommendations that respond to the identified issues, inequalities and needs for improvement in the conditions of rural women’s lives.


YSWC submitted a paper to the minimum Wage Review

YSWC submitted a paper to the minimum Wage Review in conjunction with Kaushee’s Place


“A Little Kindness Would Go a Long Way” Published

The Yukon Status of Women’s Council published "A Little Kindness Would Go a Long Way", a report which presents the findings of a Yukon wide study on the impacts of women’s homelessness and offers recommendations to reduce the amount of women in poverty.


You Just Blink and it Can Happen: A Study of Women’s Homelessness North of 60  Published

Qulliit Nunavut Status of Women Council, YWCA of Yellowknife, Yellowknife Women’s Society & Yukon Status of Women’s Council partnered together to create this pan-territorial report on conditions present across northern Canada that causes women to become homeless.

January 2008

Northern Extension Project Launches

The Northern Extension Project (NEP) is lead by YWCA Canada in collaboration with other organizations in the Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut with funding from Status of Women Canada. The NEP aims to establish new services that are culturally relevant and address the barriers of homelessness, violence and poverty so all Northern Women can feel safe and apart of the community.  The 1.5 million project will run for 3 years.

YSWC Presents recommendations to the Yukon landlord and tenant act

YSWC presented a brief of recommendations and research on the Yukon Landlord and Tenant Act and minimal rental standards to Hart and Lang