The 1990s


YSWC changes priorities

After 3 years of operating through different collectives YSWC re-evaluated and decided to return to having one centralized organization to do the majority of public awareness, lobbying, and organizing work.

Women’s health promotion needs and feasibility study is published

The study explores the feasibility of establishing a Women’s Wellness Centre in Whitehorse. It examines possible initiatives that will address needs expressed by Yukon women regarding their health. The study focused on services that could be delivered in a community centre setting to address the needs of Yukon Women.

Person's Day Celebration

7 women were honoured at the celebration: Leslie Carberry, Jeanne Beaudoin, Alison Reid, Krista Meekins, Mary Jane Moses, Francs Woolsey, and Elizabeth Kaye.


Yukon Council on the Economy and the Environment

YSWC joined the Yukon Council on the Economy and the Environment to ensure a there was a voice to represent women and their concerns. YSWC maintained their position until 2005.

March 1998

Symposium on Violence Against Women

VFWC, directorate, YACWI, Kaushee’s Place and YSWC organized this symposium in conjunction with Vision TV project. The symposium took historical view of the issue of violence against women, to assess how far we’ve come and to look at areas that still need improvement. Topics included violence against older women, poverty, Family Violence Prevention Act implementation, Victim support, Methods in fostering community responsibility, Judicial accountability and Gender equity/violence in school


May 1999

Sexual Assault Prevention Month Committee

A steering committee comprised of members from Kaushee's Place, Kwanlin Dun Wellness Centre, Les EssentiElles, Mental Health Services, YSWC, and the Yukon Health Promotion Unit was coordinated by VFWC. The committee organized workshops, discussions and video presentations.