The 1980s

September 1981

3rd Annual Yukon Women's Conference: Women and Law

Women and Law conference was jointly sponsored by YSWC and VFWC, Secretary of State, the Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of Women, and Yukon Government. 240 women attended, and the conference was heavily covered by newspapers.

January 1982

Report on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The Yukon Status of Women Council published a report about sexual harassment in the workplace based on information gathered by interviewing local women.

September 1982

4th Annual Women's Conference: Survival in the 80's 

The 4th Annual Yukon Women's Conference brought in 150-175 participants. Workshops included: Changing Roles Within the Family; The Middle Years- What’s Next?; Changing Shape of the Workplace; Financial Planning for the Future; Changing Roles of Indian Women; Women in the Peace Movement; Violence Against Women-a Community; Political and Personal Networking; Making your Skills Count; Homemaking – Is It a Difficult Choice; Microtechnology; Single Life as a Viable Choice; Energy Conservation – a Practical Discussion; Using Stress Constructively; Cooperative Living; Returning to Learning; and finally, Raising Liberated Children.

March 1984

Lesbianism Article in OptiMSt

The first article on lesbianism in The OptiMSt was an informative piece on what it meant to be a lesbian, including definitions such as homophobia and heterosexism, written anonymously. The second article on lesbianism was in the following issue of The OptiMSt that addressed the hate mail the author received after the first article.


Justice Review Panel 

The YSWC met with the Justice Review Panel to provide a public forum regarding concerns about the justice system services and processes. Specific topics which appeared to be problem areas were examined in order to define the nature of problems and remedial options. Recommendations were made to the minister of justice on how to improve the system. 

August 1986

Pay Equity Yukon Style released

Pay Equity Yukon Style was published by YSWC and addressed the following:

1. Principle for equal pay for work of equal value must immediately be set out in legislation.

2. Appropriate legislation for inclusion of equal pay for equal work is human rights legislation.

3.Legislation must include the protection, enforcements and remedies.

4. Both private and public sectors must be covered by legislation.

5. An integrated model for implementing equal work for equal pay should be used (pro-active and complaints based).

6. No employee’s wages should be reduced as a result of implementing equal pay for work of equal value. be undertaken

7. Immediate and on-going consultation on when and how to implement equal pay for equal work should in business, labour and women’s groups.

8. Critical research must be started immediately

9. Education of the public must be an ongoing

September 1986

Take back the night

First annual march in Whitehorse. Take Back the Night was an international event that protested and demanded direct action against rape and domestic violence. 

September 1988

Report on rural pregnant women 

Yukon Advisory Council on Status of Women completed and presented a report on rural pregnant women to the Minister Responsible for the Status of Women in response to the issue of women in outlying communities being forced to travel to Whitehorse to deliver their babies.