COVID-19 Emergency Cellphone Initiative


As of Monday, November 9th, the COVID Phone Program has moved into Phase II!
We are focused on supporting women who received phones during the spring COVID lockdown (i.e. the first phase of the program). We will be setting up phone plans with Public Mobile (a Telus company) as they provide more flexibility and more affordable prices. For those who have difficulty with literacy or typing, we are using Lucky phone plans because, unlike Public Mobile, users can talk to a person for technical support.  For information on setting up a Public Mobile account, please see the following link: Setting Up a Phone Plan

We have hired a designated Cell Phone Technician to assist women in setting up their phones and to show them the useful features of their phone, especially data monitoring and using apps for increasing personal safety.  

If you live in a community outside of Whitehorse, please contact the cell phone tech so we can determine how to best meet your needs.

Cell Phone Technician Info

  • The Cell Phone Tech can meet with one person at a time for confidentiality reasons
  • The Cell Phone Tech will answer phone messages and emails during her work hours listed below
  • There will be hand sanitation, gloves and masks required (provided) when meeting with the Cell Phone Tech
  • This is a low-barrier program. There will be another staff member working with the Cell Phone Tech

Hours: Mondays, 10-4:30 & Wednesdays, 11:30-3:30

Phone: (867) 689-4301

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please see YSWC's Facebook page for more frequent updates on this program.

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