COVID-19 Emergency Cellphone Initiative

 Notice page 001

To learn more about this initiative, please contact YSWC at (867)667-4637.  This initiative is currently being reinstated and we are working towards a sustainable way forward to increasing safety and access to phone and internet services across the Yukon. Please keep your phone as your texting and calling will soon be working again. Thank you!

Please see YSWC's Facebook page for more frequent updates on this program.

Looking for information on how to use your new phone? See the manual links for your phone model below!

Phone Manuals:

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Alcatel One Touch Idol X User Guide

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HTC 10 User Guide

Nexus 6 User Guide

Nokia Lumia 830 User Guide

Samsung A5 User Guide

Samsung ACE II x User Guide

Samsung Rugby LTE User Guide

Sony Xperia M4 White Paper

Sony Xperia SP User Guide

Sony Xperia T3 User Guide

Sony Xperia Z3 User Guide

Xperia Z2 User Guide

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