Charlotte Hrenchuk - Former Coordinator:

As a community-based activist, Charlotte believes in elevating the status of all women. She has worked tirelessly to raise the voices of women’s narratives and through that, believes that equity and social justice for women can be achieved. Charlotte’s research and publications include the first study of women’s homelessness in the northern territories. This ground-breaking and pioneering research continues to be used as a critical policy reference document across the north. Later, Charlotte identified a gap in our understanding of women’s experience of the justice system. As a result, she developed the court watch action research program. Most recently, Charlotte examined sex work and trafficking of women and girls in a Yukon context. This formative research has increased our understanding of the unique social factors at play in women’s lives in the north.

Charlotte is a 2018 recipeint of a Governor General in Commemoration of the Persons Case as well as the co-founder of Hidden Histories Society Yukon which highlights the contributions of Black and Asian women in Yukon Territory. She has been a co-chair of the Yukon Anti-Poverty Coalition since 2011 and has served on several voluntary boards of directors. She lives in Whitehorse with her husband and they have three wonderful young adult children.


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